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The 9 Solfeggio frequencies are first played separately and then all together. This can be used as; (:1:) MINI CHAKRA TUNE Or; (:2:) A Tuning Refrence for 9 ancient Solfeggio tones. I74 Hz 285 Hz 396 Hz 417 Hz 528 Hz 639 Hz 741 Hz 852 Hz 963 Hz UT - 396 Hz -associated with releasing emotional patterns after: see RE-417Hz below. RE - 417 Hz -associated with breaking up crystallized emotional patterns MI - 528 Hz - relates to crown chakra; Dr. Puleo suggests an association with "DNA integrity" Transformation and Miracles FA - 639 Hz - associated with whole brain quadrant interconnectedness. Connecting Relationships SOL - 741 Hz - associated with intuitive states, non linear knowing. Awakening Intuition LA - 852 Hz - associated with a pure love frequency: unconditional love and returning to Spiritual Order "Audio by Jandy the Decibel Jezebel" The Solfeggio Chakra Scale / chime is based on the original research of Dr. Joseph Puleo of sacred manuscripts of an original Solfeggio scale of six tones used in Gregorian sacred music. This chime extends the original tones of-396, 417, 528, 639, 741, 852, using the same mathematical sequence to include the following frequencies -174, 285 and 963 of the original 18-tone matrix, plus the extensions 1074, 1185, 1296, 1317, and 1428. (These tones as they are for experimental use only at the discretion of the user.) The 528Hz frequency is used by some scientists to repair broken DNA. There are 5,280 feet in a mile and 396 is 1/10th the radius in miles of the Earth's Equatorial radius. Numerically, all of these numbers reduce to 3, 6, or 9. (For example, 5+2+8=15 and 1+5=6). This is a part of the "code".

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