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Description: dadicate to all muslims... song from the new 2009 movie kurbaan... movie staring:- saif ali khan & kareena kapoor..... hope u all enjoing it....

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Free MP3 Download of ali maula song [HD] kurbaan movie full song original song 2009 high quality MP4

A tremendous song from kurbaan movie ali maula - kurbaan bollywood movie full songs Music Director : Salim & Sulaiman Singer : Salim Merchant Director : Rensil D'Silva Producer : Karan Johar & Hiroo Johar Star Cast : Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Vivek Oberoi & More..... Movie : kURBAAN hindi movie Release Date : November , 27, 2009

13 Dec 2009
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Free MP3 Download of Ali Mola(as).Kurban movie song religious video. high quality MP4

A very nice and soulful song in honour of Mola e Kainat Ali(as). Music by salim n suleman sung by Saleem Merchant Movie Kurbaan

04 Nov 2009
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Free MP3 Download of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: "ALI MAULA, ALI MAULA, ALI DAM DAM" high quality MP4

Passing Through: www.youtube.com - Friends, Please visit my Poet friend "Passing Through's" YouTube channel: www.youtube.com , and support him - Thanks :) Besmellah Rahman Rahim .. I made this video with a love that I have for "Ali" .. I would like to thank all those individuals, websites who provided the Beautiful Pictures, Drawings for this Video. Of course, First and Foremost to the Late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. May his Soul Rest In Peace .. (If You Feel Blessed By This Song, Please share It With Others) .. LYRICS (BEGINNING): Ali Nu Yaad Karo Ral Ke Fariyaad Karo Hai Gareebaan-da, Yeh Aasraa Ali Mola Ali Mola Ali Dam Dam Ali Mola Ali Mola Ali Dam Dam Yahk De Paraan Wali, Akh-ey Dam Dam Ali Sada Dila Vich Rehndi Sade Samaa Vich Ali Sadey Aase Paase Ali Ali Gaavan Vich Ashkaan De Chechre Par Ali Ti Araavaan Vich Rab Raakhe Saaryaanu Ali Di Panahvaa Vich Nabi Da Piyaara Ali Noor Allah Noor Ali Gaye Allah Allah Sade Chitta Hoor Ali Mola Ali Mola Ali Mola Ali Ali Ali Mola, Mola-e-Ali (???) Mole-e-Huzoor Ali Pir-a-Piraandaa Hai Dil-da-Suroor Ali Mola Ali Mola Ali Mola Ali Ali Wali-an de Sira Da Hai Taaj Ali Ali Noor-Nabi-Bas Hai Meraj Ali Ali Hey Kiri-Kiri Akardee(?) Mein Ali De Karam Ali Mola Ali Mola Ali Dam Dam Ali Mola Ali Mola Ali Dam Dam Ali Di Pehchaan Hai Rab Dee Pehchaan Ali Di nu Jaanta Nu Jaanta Jahaan Ali Mola Ali Mola Ali Mola Ali Ali Rab Da Yeh Sher, Oonchi Ali Di-a-Shaan Khul Gayi Imaam Wali Nabi Ka Elan Ali Mola Ali Mola Ali Mola Ali Ali Hyder-e-Karaar, Tu ...

31 Dec 2006
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Free MP3 Download of Nusrat - Haq Ali Ali Maula Ali Ali - Part 1 high quality MP4

1983 UK, Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is singing a wonderfull qawwali.

19 May 2007
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Free MP3 Download of Ali Maula Ali Maula Ali dum dum ustaad nusrat fateh ali khan complete high quality MP4

Ali Maula Aili Maula Ali dum dum ustad nusrat fateh ali khan complete

19 Oct 2011
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Free MP3 Download of Man kunto maula (with lyrics) by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan high quality MP4

An amazing kalam wriiten by Amir Khusro and quawalli sung by maestro Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Saheb........... Lyrics with english translation:----------------------- Shah-E-Mardaan, Shair-E-Yazdaan, Qoowwat-E-Parwardigaar, La Fata illa Ali, La Saif illa Zulfiqaar King of the brave, the Lion of God The Strength for The Lord, There is none like Ali, There is no sword like Zulfiqaar Man Kunto Maula Fa haza Ali-un Maula Whoever I am master to, Ali is his Master too. (Abstract Sufi Chants follows) Dara Dil E Dara Dil E Dar E Dani Hum Tum Tanana Nana, Tana Nana Ray Om Tum Tanana Nana, Tana Nana Ray Yalali Yalali ala, Yala Ray Tanana Tanana Tanana Tanana Tum Tanana Nana, Tana Nana Ray... Enter into the heart, Enter into the heart, Melt therein, You and me Sing inside in sweet melody. Maula Ali Maula Maula Ali Maula Master is Ali, Master is he Her Qalb Ali, Jism Ali, Jaan Ali Hai Ik BeSar-O-Samaan Ka Samaan Ali Hai Imaan Ka Matlaash E Ye Imaan Keh Doon Iman To Yeh Hai Mera Imaan Ali Hai Ali Maula, Maula Ali Maula Maula Ali Maula, Maula Ali Maula My heart, my body and soul is for Ali Fulfillment for me the unfulfilled, is Ali Oh ye who seek faith, on faith hear me The secret of faith is this, that all faith is Ali Ali my master, my lord Ali Haider-E-Um Qalandaram Mastam Banda-E-Murtaza Ali Hastam Peshwa-E-Tamaam Rindanam K Sag-E-Koh-E-Shair-E-Yazdanam Ali Maula, Maula Ali Maula Maula Ali Maula, Maula Ali Maula A Haidari (Haidar is a title for Imam Ali), a mystic drowned in devotion ...

02 May 2011
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Free MP3 Download of Ya Ali Moula Ali Kar Madad Shair e Khuda ! high quality MP4

Qawali - by Sunni Qawals Sabri Brothers from the Darbar of Al- Sheikh Pir Sayyid Abdullah Shah-Ghazi [RA] of Karachi Pakistan. This Qawali is regarding the attributes of Moula Ali [as].

05 Nov 2009
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Free MP3 Download of Isha Sharvani JDJ 5 19 Ali Maula Full Performance Semi Final high quality MP4

Isha Sharvani performing the Rope Mallakhamb Isha gets a standing ovation from the Judges and the audience. A truly breath taking performance. Scores- 10/10/10=30 VOTE FOR ISHA type ISH - 56882

Isha Sharvani
26 Sep 2012
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Free MP3 Download of 1/2 Ali Maula Ali Dam Dam SUFI ENGLISH SUBTITLES Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan ali maula ali HAQ EID GHADEER high quality MP4

Fatima in sunni books Fatima is Fatima Glimpses of dua kumail syed musawi please recite fatiha for souls this is dedicated to and your own dearly departed. FADAK THEN I WAS GUIDED 13 Rajab jashan Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Hidayat Tv sunni shia qawwali sufi Islam other search: Panjabi song "Perdesi hoyo ry" by abrar ul Haq muallim lakha barrister murtaza warns of wahabi thoughts from within final legacy Islam channel dm digital noor tv takbeer tv ummah channel hidayat tv ahlebait tv ahlulbayt tv press tv china news Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Qawwal - Ali Maula Ali Dam Dam - 2.avi ali maula ali maula ali dam dam Did Imam Hussain Commit Suicide? (M) Syed Amar Nakshawani salaam 1432 2011 Fatimiyah alif laam meem sayed Mohammed Jawad mousawi yom e aza

26 Jun 2010
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Free MP3 Download of Ali Maula Ali Dam Dam NUSRAT Fateh Ali khan HD high quality MP4

Ali Maula Ali Dam Dam NUSRAT FATEH ALI KHAN Ali imaam-e-manasto manam Ghulaam-e-Ali hazaar jaan-e-giraamii fidaa-e-naam-e-Ali Ali is the master of all, I am the slave of Ali a thousand lives are to be sacrificed for Ali Note: Ali was the cousin and son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad. He is especially revered by the Sufi mystics. Haidariam qalandaram mastam bandaa-e-Murtaza Ali hastam peshvaa-e-tamaam virdaaram ke sage kuu-e-sher-e-yazdaanam Haider [Ali] is the generous monk Ali is the chosen one [by God] [and] the leader of the people swaying in [God's] remembrance I am the dog of the streets of God's lion. kabhii diivaar hiltii hai, kabhii dar kaaNp jaataa hai Ali kaa naam sun kar ab bhii Khaibar kaaNp jaataa hai Sometimes the wall shakes, sometimes trembles the door on listening the name of Ali, the fort of Khaibar trembles even now. Note: During the fight for the Fort of Khaibar, Ali rooted out the heavy door of the fort and used it as his shield. shaah-e-mardaaN Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Maula Ali King of the brave Ali Ali, [my] master Ali. patthar pe alam deen ka gaaRaa jisne lalkaar kar Marhab ko pichaaRaa jisne [One] who implanted the flag of faith on the rocks [One] who challenged Marhab and defeated him. Note: In the same war, Ali challenged and defeated the celebrated warrior Marhab. Haq Ali Ali Ali Ali Maula Ali [The] truth! Ali Ali, [my] master Ali jap le jap le mere manvaa yahii naam sacchaa hai pyaare yahii naam tere sab dukh haare isii naam kii barkat ne diye raaz-e ...

13 Jun 2010
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Free MP3 Download of Ali Mola Ali Maula Ali-Kurbaan.wmv high quality MP4

Full of soul song in the praise of Master Ali (Peace Be Upon him) with Islamic Pictures and lyrics. Comments are most welcome, no trash-talk! Artist: Salim Merchant Movie: Kurbaan

05 Jul 2010
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Free MP3 Download of Nusrat Songs - Ali Maula Ali Maula - Mast Nazron Se - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan high quality MP4

Listen to this soulful song Ali Maula Ali Maula sung the classic singer Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan from the album Mast Nazron Se. For Daily Updates and Fun Stuff Subscribe at www.youtube.com Join us on Facebook at www.facebook.com Follow us at twitter.com

04 Sep 2012
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