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Description: Album: Labor Days[Aesop Rock]I start my city with a brick (one brick)Then add another brick (two bricks)Brick by brick, I manufacture homes for fallen angelsI ain't no great Samaritan, that's just the way the game goesRespect the polars but acknowlege middle-value rainbowsMy snout turned up from dream factory eyelidsSlingin bottled prosperity for the kamikaze colonelsYeah rocks the match that burned the Nazi journalsAnd plottin verticals amidst blatantlly horizontalModels then swallowed by famished potholesAnd I'm tiredTied up on these functionsKiller cottoncandy clouds and huckleberry justice leagueAnother knuckle-dragger dungeon breedRun, breathe, sit, bellowWild Aes scream through your style to hear the echoAight then, flinch for the great granddaddy paybackWhen Little Billy bought a TugboatNow he thinks he's Captain AhabFacist takes for the pegleg's birds and eyepatchesLearn that lesson, you'll be swashbuckling with the best of themWonder why you wept over spilled milkAnd got your crayons wet, the room reaks of a thousand bayonettesI'll fision vision with a lie longer than your most walked meridianConnecting life with that little species of midiansWe've now officially scraped barrel bottomAesop Rock an Apple to the core but ya'll ignored himI know a planet made of porcelainAnd once I get tired of holding this gavel upYa'll prayer circles met him up born againI ain't too good for tap waterPlay "Taps" out of orderFor a ballad, corpse a dead man walkinYou can lead a man to a city but that don't assure civilityYou can beat a man to death with Aesop Rock bootleg cd's (That's more fun anyway)Some cats Float, some cats don'tI speak in Farenheit and burn off colon lyricDiss blatant harassment, spit honor, whistle fearlessDon't dismiss the billygoat appearance for that common sheep[Chorus][Aesop overlapping Illogic, fading in and out of each other][Aesop Rock]Platforms have been erectedEffigies builtSlogans coined, songs have been writtenRumors have been circulatedAutographs fakedThe hourglass smashed and didn't leave me an escapeMoving boxes have been worn outMantlepieces dustedIdols idolized, the sands have been shiftedCurtains have been closedSleepers all wakedThe hourglass smashed and didn't leave me an escape[Illogic] [overlapping Aesop, fading in and out]Now with my trusty paperclipI picked locks of thoughts vaultFinding the God in barrenThe harvest fruitlessOnly the Tree of Life flourishingWanting to take a bite but I'm toothlessIs that, predestination or is it by design?That I'm trapped in time sandShow radio mission control but for my rhymesMan cuz I can like aluminumAnd I recycle my consciousnessThis is just a noteFor any action or lack thereof as a consequence[Illogic]Wingless angelsStroll a top shapeless cottonballsWith halos in your syringeCelestial ground is found brokenExposing a bottomless depthWhere heartless spines awake to devourThe small piece of your soul that's leftYou're immersed in sound floatingAimless destinationDrop anchor to gain stabilityStare out potions, restrain fertilityPedestal talk is a tokenSoaked in pockets with lives, topics, lack conceptual, ridiculeThe night breathes but light's chokingDarkness occupies the throneWhere poems are persecutedThe purity at times dillutedRhymes are executedFor genre I'm told when has-beens attemptTo cause heat to rise and wonder why they're trapped in coldLife's an oragmi box and I'm hidden within the foldSo when the yarn unravels, I won't be caught by surpriseAnd as society's fabric of orthodoxes dismantleI'll see you embracing the pentagram within this crucifix disguiseSee when the canvas stands before meI'm compelled to spill a visionFor the sinners that listen, I got three spikes and a thorned crownsIt seems I need a new soul cuz mine is worn downBut from the pregance of my hardship was born styleStill my pen bleeds and stains the paper with thoughtFinding me lost among statues and mainstream idolsBrowning in melted ice to reinforce that breath is vitalIf your father and his father were fish out of waterYou must break the cycleHow many times must a plant be uprooted for it to die?When it's smothered with lies that abolish the potency of the skySo when the stars burn out and God replaces the bulbs With a million wattsAnd throws the switch, sparks filamentHurting new giants and flocksI stand my own two aura illuminated in redShowcasing the agony held within this welded spiritSacrificing itself for the health of a masocistic cultureYearning for the truth that we speak but refuse to hear it

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