03) S.P.M Dope City- Pyramid ( spm, carolyn rodriguez)

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Description: No Copy Infringement Intended. All Credits Goes to Dope House Records1.) Dope city intro2.) makin you sweat3.) pyramid4.) gangsta girl5.) real life6.) show and prove7.) how8.) ridin smokin sippin and reclinin9.) for my people10.) shout outs11.) to the top12.) bad mutha fucka13.) help me find a way14.) my dope15.) im not the one16.) got whatcha need17.) 4 bonus tracks

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Carlos Coy of SPM (South Park Mexican) has done it again with a new music album called Dope City: purest in da game. This new 2011 cd was made despite Coy being locked up in Garza West Prison. Free SPM. Release date is June! Get it 06-21-11 by Dope House Records. Check out the songs on the tracklist below: 01. Dope City - Intro 02. Makin' You Sweat 03. Pyramid 04. Gangsta Girl 05 Real Life 06. Show and Prove 07. How 08. Ridin' Smokin' Sippin' and Reclinin' 09. For My People 10. To Tha Top 11. Shout Outs - Much Love 12. Bad MuthaF**** 13. Find A Way 14. My Dope 15. I'm Not Tha One 16. Got Whatcha You Need 17. Four Bonus Tracks The album will feature Juan Gotti, Chingo Bling, Lil Rob, Pain Ortiz, and Carolyn. Get it today and support your boy LOS! Stay tuned for individual videos with lyrics of the new hits. Please rate and favorite. Get the word out.

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Song: Game Untold (Screwed) ft. SPM,Grimm,Lucky Luciano,Ricsta Artists: Grimm,SPM,Lucky Luciano,Ricsta Title : Ryda Thugz Screwed & Chopped Vol 1 Label: BNB Ent. Tracks: 01 00:34 spm - spm 02 05:25 grimm - game untold 03 05:37 baldhead rick & sb - power & the pain 04 05:15 lil' bing - man fuck that 05 06:47 nickatina & shag - scottie 15 06 01:56 levitti - 18 intro 07 04:52 mr. kee - 18 wit a bullet 08 04:07 smokey d - ryda thugz 09 05:13 guce - come fuck wit us 10 05:23 russell lee - niggaz on the block 11 05:08 baldhead rick & sb - california love 12 04:04 san quinn - drought season 13 01:29 black birds of paradise - in the rain 14 06:35 nino - texas connection 15 05:33 baby beesh - city of dank 16 03:19 juan gotti - mi raza

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Spm - Gangsterous (One time baby...for all my G's, for all my G's uh...) [SPM] Pistol grip pump on my lap at all times Still I got thump like the boy Carmine Hold the block down in my camouflage suit Stomp when I walk and I'm stackin all loot Bling in my mouth but I can take it out Stepping up to me, something people think about Long and hard til they lose courage Mad cause they girl beat up and malnourished Picked up a star and she spunt two nights Chilled at my crib watchin Kung Fu fights Swang and I swung from the Houston Bet I go hard with no interruption Woodgrain wheel with the big daddy grill Higher than a hill, in my automobile And we roll thick, takin no shit 45 on hip with the hollow point tip [Chorus: X2] We're comin gangsta, and gangsta's how we come We're commin gangsta and wreckin for Houston [Powda] Break it down, watch me clown I'mma break'em off Can't fuck with this Mexican Bitch from the South Under oath keep it true at all times Love smoking weed and I love bustin rhymes Fine dime, stay fly keep it tight like a rubba Just fuck'em , don't love'em, like my shit undercova Cause I'mma Hustla, gettin mine by any means Don't be supprised, I aint quiet bout where the green I like, I need, so that's how it be You can hit it or quit it, believe I will proceed Next - soon as I put cess in my chest I forget, I ain't the type of chick you'll be hittin for free Comin' gangsta, better believe and respect Me and that boy SP reppin Houston Tex [Chorus: X2] [SPM] Yo ...

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1st Verse] Why the fuck do I wake up with a beer in my hand and burnt finger tips from the roach that I had It's a mad world, more cash, more worries I got my mom's house and made it three stories I'm tryin' to live life like I'm supposed to be, but don't Don't stand so close to me I'm a Lone Star Rida, I ride alone If he test me, I fuck off that maricon It's the SPM, see more pussy than lesbian Still a killa from my skin to my skeleton Jealous men, ya'll softer than gelatin I sip medicine wit more lead than Zeppelin I fight for the ones, that's standin' in prison They say I got a big head, must've saw me pissin' Here come the police, but this time they ain't knockin' This is verse one of a drunk man talkin' [Chorus] x 2 "Ain't no love" [Russell Lee] In the heart of the city [SPM] For a drunk man talkin' "Ain't no love" [Russell Lee] In the heart of the city [womans voice] Hey! (echoes & fades out) [2nd Verse] I feel happy for the happy And sad for the sad I'm a member of the club that never had no dad No money, no food, I got room for dessert, mom And by the way, the beans and rice were the bomb So we made it mom I'm so glad that you proud of me Sorry, for throwing that bitch over the balcony I promise not to do no stupid shit no more But I've shook the hands of men that want me six below Bein' Brown ain't easy mom, I'm losin' my mind The only niggas I got beef wit is my own fuckin' kind I know you happy that I ain't sellin' dope no more And that these crackheads ain't ...

Pistol Pete
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Ice ft. SPM & Trea - Southsidaz

ice spm and trea southsidaz song from arte callejero album

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Garza West Instrumental - SPM

I looped this......... Try to find one better than this, you won't.......... Subscribe and comment. FREE SPM! [SPM: Verse 1] From the hood and I stood on them Houston streets We stick together like Cuban's links I had a nine on my waist, guns I straddle Forty four at the crib with the ivory handle I'm the rocker, Beatty Crocker Cooking cookies and cakes B-12 to blow it up, as my coke inflates I'm a swang'a, Gucci on my hang'a Just brought my cousin on the ranch a Ford Wrangler I like to ride horses like Mustangs and Porches Pain is my producer, leader of the dark forces Striking like matches, dropping like ashes I only buy dances, if they paying college classes Motherfucker [Chorus] I'm wreckin' for my G's in Garza West I'm wreckin' for my G's in Garza East I'm wreckin' for my G's in TDC As I ball in this penitentiary I'm wreckin' for my G's in Garza West I'm wreckin' for my G's in Garza East I'm wreckin' for my G's in TDC As I ball in this penitentiary [Juan Gotti: Verse 2] Mi esposa won't listen, keeps comin' up missing Feliz navidad aqui en transfer states prison No visits, no kisses, no of the same bitches No mas on TV, magazine, and in wishes I work on the hoes, what? Living C-dorm Life with a fo-five got me this job Mix bread with my foo's, Ese, Locos, and Tontos Everyday tensions, fights for the tubo House regulation, dropping Cantones Bosses talk shit, cause I draw on my sobre Traded my corn bread dessert over juice Fight a pro, bullshit! that ain't no food As a ...

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03) S.P.M Dope City-

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